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Our Learning

w/c 25.01.2021

Hello year 6!

Click on each  day to access the learning for that day.  Email a picture of your work everyday to for feedback and dojos!


This helps to develop  vocabulary, increase fluency and understanding.  It is important to read for pleasure, whether that is online, a comic, magazine or a book you enjoy reading.  Log onto Oxford Owl for online reading.  Username: year6primet Password: year6primet

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Spend at least 10 minutes a day learning timetables.  You should know  tables up to 12 times. Timetables helps learning in Maths including written multiplication and division, fractions, percentages and time.  Try online learning to learn your timetables:

Times tables:

All year 6 pupils also have a login for  Times tables Rock StarsTimes tables Rock Stars- which you will find in the back of homework books.


A parents' guide to helping your child learn times tables


Spellings will be given on Mondays.  Spelling frame is also a good website to practise spellings in a fun and interactive way.

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