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Together we care, believe, learn and achieve

Welcome to Primet Primary School


Dear parents or carers,

Welcome to Primet Primary school. The school is a fantastic place where we believe that all children have talents and that at Primet we can build on these and develop them so the children foster a love for learning that will be with them throughout their lives. We are extremely proud of every thing that we do at school and we respect all the cultural diversity that Colne and Nelson have to offer. Therefore, our children are confident and caring to all around them and have a desire to do their best with every thing that they do.

As a school we continually have a vision for the school is to make it the best school it can be both with the teaching and learning and the environment your children learn in. We have high expectations and we are proud of ourselves and the children's high standards. We place great emphasis upon the well-being and personal development of every child. 

If you are considering sending your child to Primet Primary School, I hope our website will help you with your decision. However, there can be no substitute for a personal visit and you are warmly invited to view the school and see us in action during the day. Please feel free to contact school directly with any queries you may have or to make an appointment.

Your sincerely

Christopher Holmes

Head teacher

Please email or in order to contact the Headteacher or School Business Manager.

Tel: 01282 864607 but be aware there may be a delay in responding to phone messages due to school closures.  Please only telephone in the event of an urgent query or in relation to a child who is currently in school.

You can also contact school by replying to any APP messages you have received from school.

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Primet Primary School

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01282 864607