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Year 1 Resources

Please see guidance below for information on what work to complete each day.  Please click the 'daily home learning' tab for messages and activities from previous days.  Please follow the links to the subject areas to access the work.

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hi everyone,

Well done for working so hard on your home learning, keep up the great work! For Thursday's home learning I want you to practise your phonic sounds (powerpoint attached), complete the attached arithmetic, Maths (o'clock and half past- do the sheet suitable for your child) and English activity (see below-use the link 'ICBD'.

English Activity

It's International Children's Book. 

On or around the 2nd of April International Children's Book Day is celebrated to share the love of children's books from around the world. 

Please help Primet Primary celebrate today! Read through the slides and carry out the activities with people in your house.

Don't forget to email photographs of your day celebrating and the work that you complete.

Over the Easter holiday - please complete the home learning on the final slide. We will display these photographs on our website. Let's show the world that at Primet we Love to Read!

Check out the different sections on the school website for more fun learning activities. I've added a list of various websites where you can access additional learning in the 'useful websites' tab.

Remember the resources for reading, writing and maths activities in Italian, Romanian, Polish or Urdu are available - please follow this link:

Kind regards,

Miss Dawson(

Primet Primary School

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