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Our Learning

What did the Romans do for us?

This half term the children will be learning about the Romans (history). They will learn about why the Romans invaded Britain and the legacy they left behind, as well as the fiersome warrior Boudicca.


Writing - We will be starting off with a play script. The children will be re-writing the story of Julius Caesar but as a play script.

Historical report – Boudicca ( 3 weeks )

Performance poetry  - Romans ( 1 week)

Class book – Romans on the rampage

Poem – Roman poetry

Reading comprehensions will be focussed around different Roman aspects, famous Romans and the non-fictional aspects of their lifestyles.


Maths - We will cover:

Week 1 and 2  – Place value,

Week 3 – Calculation

Week 4 – Fractions

Week 5 - Time

Week 6 – Review week


History Our History topic is Romans.


For more details on other subjects please have a look at the mid-term plan attached

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