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Our Learning

Week 6

Monday 6th July 2020


  1. Read and watch to find out what propaganda is and how it was used in World War 2 by following the links (see task sheet)
  2. Explore the propaganda posters used during World War 2
  3. Choose one of the posters and the message and write a script for an advert which could be aired on television, promoting the same message.

Maths:  E-learning task: Multiples and factors- BBC Bitesize

Paper task: Factors worksheet

Tuesday 7th July 2020


  1. Read and watch about The Blitz (following the links on the task sheet), making notes as you read.
  2. Look at the photographs of The Blitz, writing down any words or phrases that you think of whilst looking at them, use ‘Word Hippo’ to expand your list.
  3. Watch the Youtube clip about The Blitz
  4. Either write a poem to describe a night during The Blitz or write a blog entry as though you are in one of the houses on the Youtube clip, during The Blitz

Maths:  E-learning task: Prime numbers and square numbers

Paper task: Square and prime numbers

Wednesday 8th July 2020


  1. Read the opening chapter from the book “Letters from the Lighthouse”
  2. Use Word Hippo to find the meaning of any words that you’re unsure of
  3. Write down what you think Olive’s thoughts and feelings are during each key point in the chapter and give reasons for your answers based on what you have read.

Maths:  E-learning task: Multiply by 10, 100 and 1000

Paper task:  Multiply by 10, 100 and 1000

Thursday 9th July 2020


  1. Read about ‘Rip the Rescue Dog’ on the link (pages 1-8) or see the paper copy.
  2. Write a magazine information page about Rip the rescue dog using the features listed on the task sheet.

Maths:  E-learning task: Short and long multiplication

Paper task:  Calculating Area

Friday 10th July 2020

English:  Use all you have read and watched over the past two weeks about World War Two to create either a mini-documentary or a non-chronological report (see task sheet for more information).

Maths: E-learning task: Weekly challenge

Paper task: Arithmetic:  Twinkl Test 7

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