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Wednesday 20th January

Wednesday 20th January

I have signed the children up for a website called

The username is your child's first and last name followed by 122

eg. mrhaworth122

and the password is year4

Morning maths


Please find this mornings arithmetic test below:



Email me you score and a picture of your work.




LO: To use expanded noun phrases

Watch the video clip.

Complete the worksheets and questions from the clip.



Use the text to list the objects that Carter discovered when he entered the tomb e.g. shrines, statues, caskets (Photographs taken by Howard Carter inside the tomb can be found online).

Highlight the compound adjective used in the text gold-covered couches’.

Goldplated, State-of-the-art, Hand-made, World-famous, Bright-coloured, One-of-a-kind.  Adjectives can also be used to describe the object’s impressiveness e.g.  

amazing, delicate, magnificent… Model using with to add detail:

Hand-made vases with delicate inscriptions 

Magnificent chariots with gold encrusted wheels