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Wednesday 15th July

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Good Morning all,

Please keep sending us e-mails to let us know how you are getting on, we have thoroughly enjoyed the pictures we have received of you all enjoying your learning!

Remember that Ms O'keefe and I are always here if you need any support.


Focus theme: Water!
(Part 2)

Lack of water around the world.
Before we look at the information about water shortage, there are some words that we need to explore: shortage, sanitation, hygiene, surface, limited, resource, disposed.

Use a dictionary to find out the definitions of these words, e.g.

In some countries, there is a severe shortage of water and in particular, of clean drinking water.

Watch this clip from Water Aid. Listen out for some of the words that you have explored. A World of Water – Water Aid: om/watch?v=UzRdJc-vPjM

Now listen/watch this poem:
Water Walk – Water Aid KoJGGJ4s

You are going to write a poem back as a response. How do you feel about the children having to walk this distance and carry the dirty, heavy water home? When might you think of those children in your daily routine? Watch the poem again, pausing after each thought, so that you can write your response.

Original Poem:
At one mile, I wish my day could start like yours,
On a gentle walk to school or later to a shopping mall, A party or a local park.

Your Poem:
At dawn, I think about you as I rise,
My morning routine, the water I use,
I think of you.

I think of you beginning your long, arduous trek down the dusty road.

Comprehension - Sun safety 

Maths: Active Learn maths and TTrockstars

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