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Our Learning

Tuesday 9th February

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Tuesday 9th February

Morning maths


Email me you score and a picture of your work.





New spellings

Green group





Purple group




L.O – To be able to use inverted commas 

Watch the clip and complete the worksheets


Read all of the Powerpoints (story and inverted commas).

Discuss inverted commas.

What are these?

When are they needed?

Choose a number of characters from the story and create a dialogue between them.




Spend 20 minutes minimum reading every day.




LO:To know addition and subtraction facts by using given calculations

Watch the clip and complete the tasks.

more tasks in the attachments.

Complete first 5 questions on task 1 2 and 3. Task 3 choose which method was most appropriate.


To know facts about Egyptian gods

Powerpoint and tasks in the attachments

Keep fit

tly awaiting content

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