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Our Learning

Tuesday 9th February

Monday 8th February

I have signed the children up for a website called

The username is your child's first and last name followed by 122

eg. mrhaworth122

and the password is year4

Morning maths




Email me you score and a picture of your work.





New spellings

Green group





Purple group


L.O – To use an apostrophe for possession 

Watch the clip and complete the worksheets

Read p 1-9. (Powerpoint in the attachments

What is an apostrophe?

What is a contraction?

What is a singular noun?

Plural noun?

When is an apostrophe needed to show possession?

Complete the task:

Possessive apostrophes for singular and plural nouns  


S = singular  p = plural 


Rhodopiss hair was wispy and fair. (s)  


The servant girls hair was black and straight. (p)  


Rhodopiss cheeks burned in the blazing sun. (s)  


The masters skin was like chocolate. (s)  


The birds chirping to Rhodopis. (p)  


The monkeys tail wrapped around Rhodopis. (s)  


The hippos muddy head. (s)  


The masters whiskers were grey. (s)  


Rhodopiss slippers were beautiful. (s)  


The slippers soles were made of leather. (p)  


The slippers rose red gold toes glistened in the sun. (p)  


The servant girls sandals were made of papyrus. (p)  


The pharaohs party is tomorrow. (s)  


Kipas necklace of blue beads hung around her neck. (s)  


The bracelets crystals shimmered in the sunlight. (p)  


The falcons talons grabbed the slippers. (s)  


The pharaohs name was Amasis. (s)



Spend 20 minutes minimum reading every day.








LO:To add and subtract decimal numbers

Watch the clip and complete the tasks.

more tasks in the attachments.



To understand food chains

Powerpoint and tasks in the attachments

Keep fit

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