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Tuesday 7th July


Focus theme: Water!
(Part 1)


Take a look at The World’s 20 Most Beautiful Lakes: worlds-20-most- beautiful-lakes

(Note: adult support is recommended to read this webpage and avoid all the adverts!)

There are also many beautiful lakes in the U.K. One area with beautiful lakes is the Lake District in the North West of England. Some of you may have even been to the Lake District for a day trip or a holiday! Your task today is to write/design a persuasive poster for the Lake District. With an adult, spend some time exploring the Lake District National Park website:
Click on some of the links that show you things to do, places to go, etc.

Now watch the clip on this webpage Reflecting on the Lakes: rating-67-years-of-the- lake-district-national- park

Using all the information that you have found, design a persuasive poster for the Lake District. You could do this on paper or by using a computer to present your poster.

Think about where there is to go and what there is to see and do. Can you include some images?

Try to use some of the following persuasive features:

-Use the pronoun you to address the reader. -Focus on the positive things about the Lake District.

-Use a mix of facts and persuasive and exaggerated language. -Use superlative adjectives, e.g. the best, the most amazing, the highest, the largest.

When you have finished, remember to check through your work carefully.

Comprehension/grammar: Carnival, Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 2

Maths: Acute and Obtuse angles in 2D shapes and Arithmetic test 2

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