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Our Learning

Tuesday 2nd March

Tuesday 2nd March Morning maths


Email me you score and a picture of your work.




Spelling test


Green group



Purple group





Usernames and passwords have been sent out to parents for rising stars reading planet. The book online are the same as the books in our library so to make things as safe s possible could reading be done online instead of swapping books.



Centre ID: 351830

Spend 20 minutes minimum reading every day.




LO: To order and compare numbers beyond 1000






LO: To recount what has been read so far in the form of a diary entry

Tuesday's work.

Bullet point the main events in each chapter with parents (if possible or teacher.

here are the three chapters if needed. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Complete the same task with the next 3 chapters. Read a chapter and bullet point then repeat for the next chapter and so on.


Wednesday 3rd March

  • What are the features of a diary entry?
  • What tools will you need?
  • Whose diary entry will you write?
  • Reflect on the chapters read so far and ask children which event they enjoyed most or which character they like most.
  • Explain that in this session children will write a diary entry in role as a character from the book.

What are the features of diary writing?


Geography /ICT

LO: To know what weather and climate is

What the videos and take the quiz online.

Research using the Internet what these climates are and where you might find this type of climate.

What is a polar climate?

Which country has a Polar climate?

What type of holiday might I have in a Polar climate?


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