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Our Learning

Tuesday 24.03.20

Good morning year 6!

Hope you are all well. I will email you everyday and let you know which work you need to complete.  I will also release the answers later the same day so you can mark your work easily.  If you struggle with anything, do  persevere, like we do in class.  However, if you continue to struggle, then email me and I will help you.

Remember, you need to to 'Our learning' and then 'Home Learning'  'Year 6 resources'

Here's the link:

Tuesday  24th March:

 Arithmetic:  Autumn test 1

Maths: Long multiplication sheet: 10 questions for section A, B or C

English: Test 3 form Grammar and Punctuation


I will email you later today with the answers for the  maths and arithmetic.  Remember to keep your work neat and show all your working out.


Take care,


Ms Bashir

Primet Primary School

Tatton Street

Colne, BB8 8JE

01282 864607