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Tuesday 23rd February

Tuesday 23rd February

Morning maths




Email me you score and a picture of your work.






New spellings

Green group



Purple group

L.O – To explore understanding of character

Key questions

  • What is the style of Lisa Thompson as an author and how does she create characters?


  • Ask children to read the first page of the book to themselves, then read the same page aloud to the children. In pairs ask children to discuss what impression they get of Lisa Thompson as an author. Week 1’s focus question is on the first teaching slide. Use the next teaching slide to record children’s impressions with evidence. Encourage children to articulate a valid point, then the rest of the children can locate the evidence from page 1 of the text to support the point.
  • Read the rest of Chapter 1 and ask children to scan through the chapter and jot down the characters that are ‘met’ in the opening chapter. Children should note Maxwell, Mum (Amanda), Dad (Eddie), Mrs Banks, Bex and Monster. Explain that Lisa Thompson shares information with characters in different ways. Display the next teaching slide and discuss the points.
  • Using the Character tracker resource, children can choose a character to ‘track’ through the chapter. Depending on the children’s ability, you may want to guide the children’s choice of character or give them the ownership to choose for themselves.


I have recorded the first chapter so following the instructions children can pause at the clip to read the pages they are meant to:




Usernames and passwords have been sent out to parents for rising stars reading planet. The book online are the same as the books in our library so to make things as safe s possible could reading be done online instead of swapping books.



Centre ID: 351830

Spend 20 minutes minimum reading every day.




LO: To use factor pairs in multiplication

Watch and complete the tasks to the clip

Powerpoint worksheet and answers are in the attachments



LO: To understand weather conditions around the world

What sort of texts are on this page?

What do they have in common?

Why is it important to know what the weather will be like when choosing where to go on holiday?

What effects did the weather have on their holidays?

What experiences have you had with weather on holiday?

Has the weather ever ruined your enjoyment on holiday?

Has the weather ever been perfect and made your holiday?

Look at the text and make notes on the best time to go on holiday, write the headings;

Location             Type of Holiday    When to go     When not to go


Belonging to a community  

What makes a community; shared responsibilities  

LO: To understand the meaning and benefits of living in a community  

positive ground rules when discussing PSHRE Topics

: * We will listen to and respect everyone.

* We will keep the conversation in the room. (But be clear on limits of confidentiality.)

* We will use language that won’t upset other people.

* We will use the correct words and if we don’t know them, we’ll ask.

* We will comment on what was said, not the person who said it.

* We won’t use names (share our own, or our friends’, personal experiences).

* We won’t put anyone on the spot.

* We have the right to pass if we don’t want to speak.

Keep fit

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