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Our Learning

Tuesday 12th January

Tuesday 12th January

I have signed the children up for a website called

The username is your child's first and last name followed by 122

eg. mrhaworth122

and the password is year4

Please find this mornings arithmetic below 


Email me you score and a picture of your work.


LO: To add fractions with the same denominator 

Please watch and complete the video clip below. Pausing as and when asked. (It may need ton be copy and pasted in to google search.

Now complete Maths tasks and the answers are in the attachments.




LO: To understand the difference between fact and opinion.

Watch this teaching clip on fact and opinion.

Now read pages 8-13 of our text.

Sort these card in to fact or opinion;

Considering which evidence is fact or opinion choose whether Tutankhamun died through Murder, Accident and Illness.

 Justify your reasoning using cause and effect conjunctions. 




due to the fact


You may wish to use the BBC’s interactive clip which can be used to support this lesson: How do you solve the mystery of Tutankhamun’s death?



You can use the website below for some fun reading activities.


LO: To understand what life was like in ancient Egypt.


Look at each picture individually and consider the questions:

What is happening?

Why do you think that?