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Tuesday 12th January

Tuesday 12th January


Complete the calculations and then mark them using the answers below

Watch the video for the answers when you have marked it send me your score out of 10.


Please watch the video and then complete the addition and subtraction calculations.  Remember to mark your work and then send it to my email address -


Please watch the video and then complete the work.

Please send a photo of your work to email address for me to mark and give you some feedback.

Here is the sheet I would like you to complete.  There is no need to copy out the table just put the phrase and then what you think it means.



Context clues 



… left the Geats to a nervous rest 

Geats were the people about to enter battle- they were in the hall waiting for it to begin. They were about to fight a monster that wanted to kill people.  



… saw the fear in his friends face 

Leofric just found out that Beowulf is going to fight the monster with no sword- using only his bare hands.  



…hungry for blood. 

Grendel is marching towards Heorot (the castle) to attack the men. 






…his steely eyes fixed upon the murderous monster 

Beowulf is sat in the corner watching Grendel as he enters the room. 







…Heorot shook with laughter 

Kind Hrothgar is having a feast for the men. They are celebrating their victory. 






Guided Reading

Please watch the video and then complete 'The Word Party' from the KS2 English Comprehension Book.  Once you have finished then watch the other video to mark the work and send me a picture of how you did.

Here's the text 

Now watch the video to find the answers and mark your work.


Please watch the video-

Draw and complete the grid in your book looking at one set of the archaeological sources (see below for supporting images of the slides and the grid to draw).

Write a sentence about which source told you the most about the lives of Anglo-Saxons and why. The source that told me the most about lives of Anglo-Saxons was…because…



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