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Our Learning

Tuesday 02.02.2021

Good morning everyone,

Hope you are all well.  Please make sure you take a photo of your work and email this to   

Please log in to your Rising Stars online reading account.  The username and passwords were sent out via  dojo message.  As as well a good selection of books, you have quizzes and can be awarded stars for each book you read! 

Arithmetic Starter: This week the focus is division.  Answer the questions and then watch the video as I explain how to calculate the answers. 

Guided Reading: Using the small CGP Reading Comprehension book (10 minute tests), Read the comprehension on p17 and  answer the questions on p 18 - 19.  The answers are at the back of the book.  Mark your test once you have completed the questions. Do any corrections. 

English: Today, we  will recap the use of apostrophes: plural possession.  Watch the video for today's lesson and complete the activities shown in the video.

Maths: Today you will learn to calculate the area of a triangle.  Watch the video and complete the questions.

Topic: Today, you will research where our food comes from. Watch this short video first.

 Pick a dish that you like adn crate a food map of where the individual  ingrdients come from.

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