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Thursday 25th February

Thursday 25th February

Morning maths


Email me you score and a picture of your work.






New spellings

Green group



Purple group

L.O – To understand cause and consequence within a plot

What are the five most important events in Chapter 3?



After listening to the whole of Chapter 3, answer this question.


identify the five most important events and then number them 1–5 in order of importance, rather than trying to write them in order immediately.



Did _________ choose the same events as ________? Is there any event that all the groups chose? Is there any event that we all agree with?


What do you think of this statement?


“I agree because if the test tubes weren’t smashed, Maxwell wouldn’t have been able to sneak out with the maths books; then he wouldn’t have been caught; he wouldn’t have had a detention; he wouldn’t have been late home; he wouldn’t have found Monster and wouldn’t have saved his life.”



Reading activity – explore the relationship between Maxwell’s Mum and Dad and how Lisa Thompson creates/describes this for the reader.




Usernames and passwords have been sent out to parents for rising stars reading planet. The book online are the same as the books in our library so to make things as safe s possible could reading be done online instead of swapping books.



Centre ID: 351830

Spend 20 minutes minimum reading every day.




LO: To understand the distributive law in multiplication

Maths Powerpoint and activities are in then attachments


LO: To understand sacrifice


  • Choose a variety of people found at home, in school, community or media.  Look at what they give to other people.  Research the charity work that famous people have done.  What have they sacrificed (time, energy, money).   

  • Create questions to ask a local person or celebrity about the charity work they have done and the sacrifices they made.  Collectively choose the strongest question and email it to the celebrity. 

  • Have you ever sacrificed time, energy, money etc?  How did you feel?  Was it always easy?   

  • Define what ‘sacrifice’ means. 


Learn the song Lean on me by Bill Withers:

Answer these questions:

Do You Like the Song? It doesn't matter if you like or don't like a song or a piece of music. Think about the reasons why you do or don't.

  • What Can You Hear?
  • ● The vocal line: how many singers? 
  • ● The backing/accompaniment: how many instruments? Which ones? 
  • ● Which instruments plays the solo? There is no solo in this song.
  • ● Is there a hook? .
  • ● Are there many layers of sound, or just one/two?
  • ● The tempo: is it fast, slow or in between? 
  • ● The dynamics: is the music loud, quiet or in between? 
  • What is the Style of this Music? 1. Is it Pop/Rock/Blues/Gospel/Ballad/R&B/Rap/Soul?

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