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Our Learning

Thursday 21.01.2021

Good morning everyone,

Hope you are all well.  Please make sure you take a photo of your work and email this to


Arithmetic Starter: Complete  questions 1 0 - 18 on Arithmetic Starter 3b, which is attached below and mark this with the answers at the back.

Guided Reading: In your CGP  SAT Buster Reading booklet, read the story: Baba Yaga on p35. Using word hippo, annotate any challenging words with the meaning on this page.  We will look at the comprehension questions tomorrow.

Spelling: Continue with the 'ation' word on Spelling frame.

English: Today, I would like you to complete your independent write: Non chronological report about a Healthy Lifestyle. Watch the video to help you.  We wil edit and improve it tomorrow.

Maths: Today, we will learn about averages with a focus on the mean average. Watch the video to help you and complete the worksheet attached below (mean questions).  I would also like you to recap mode, median and range.  Try the activities on the link to help you.

Art:  Last week, you had a practise at creating your fruit collage.  This week, you will create your final piece.   Go through the powerpoint and watch the videos on the link to help you.  Try a different fruit to what you did last week. Enjoy!



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