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Thursday 14th January

Thursday 14th January


Watch the video and complete the calculations.  Please continue the video to mark your work

Send me your score out of 10.


Watch the video and then complete the questions which are pages 12 and 13 of the CGP maths book.  Please continue watching the video and you can mark your work.  Send me a picture and a score to show how well you did.


Please watch the video and then send a photo of your completed work.  Remember that I want to see quality English work of 3 paragraphs with expanded noun phrases, relative clauses and similes.  The picture below will help you with some of the work.


Watch the video above. When it asks you to pause, pause it and watch the video below. This tells you the story of the birth of Krishna. Once you have finished watching both videos, answer the questions below and send a photo of your answers to

Krishna’s birth video-

Who was good? How are they shown to be 'good' in the story?

Who was wicked? How are they shown to be 'wicked' in the story?

What does the story teach about God?

What does this show about Hindu beliefs?

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