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Our Learning

Spring 1 W/c 11.01.21


Hello Year 2,

Hope you're all well and looking forward to another week of home learning.

Please follow the links to access the work for this week. Additional links to resources and to tutorial videos will be uploaded throughout the week.  Please keep checking back to access additional resources.

When you have completed the work, please take a photo and email it to so that Miss Dawson can mark the work and give feedback. Miss Richards teaches the children PSHRE and RE so will be setting this each week. You can send this work to

If you have any questions or need any support regarding the home learning please email Miss Dawson. If you have any queries or need to update school, please either phone school on 01282 864607 or email

Best wishes Miss Dawson and Miss Hugill


Monday 11th January 2021

Arithmetic-See the answers below.



Phase 3-

Phase 6- Today we are learning about plurals. Click on the link to find out what plurals are

Practise by clicking on this link

Spellings- See Miss Hugill's Phonics group spelling list attached below (Group 2).

See Miss Dawson's Phonic group spelling list attached below (Group 1). 

English- Today we will be reading a new story by Jonny called the Pirate cruncher. Click on the link to begin listening to it. Keep stopping the recording and write predictions using the sentence starter.

I predict that…..because….. 

Maths-Unit 11: Lesson 5



Tuesday 12th January 2021

Arithmetic-See the answers below.


Phase 3-

Phase 5- 's' phoneme (sound) spelt as 'c' before 'e', 'i' and 'y'

Read and practise spelling these words.











Have a go at writing some sentences using these words. Click on the link for more words and games linked to today's work.


Discuss with a partner which story they preferred ‘The king of space’ or ‘The pirate cruncher’ and can they say why.

Model using the sentence starter I prefer the story…….because ……….The …………isn’t as funny. I like the ending in the story…..more than the ending in …………………

Practice saying this sentence orally before writing down in your exercise book.

Maths-Unit 12: Lesson 1

PSHE -Watch the video- 

When asked to pause the video, watch the clip of Barnaby Bear here: 

Your task is to work cooperatively with another person to draw a magical castle. You can do it with anyone in your house but it is important that you have shared ideas and drawn different parts of it together. Once you have completed it, label it with your name and who you cooperated with and send to me at,


Wednesday 13th January 2021


See the answers below.


Phase 3-

Phase 6-

Today we are going to be learning about the past tense. Explain that when we talk about the past we use a different tense and that the verbs we use change by adding the suffix ‘ed’.  Demonstrate with the following examples that add ‘ed’ to form the past tense: I look at the TV. I looked at the TV. I like the pizza. I liked the pizza.

English-LO: To sequence and discuss the main events in a story. Click on the link.Sequence the story the images from the text. Write next to each image what is happening or match with captions.
















Maths-Unit 12: Lesson 2

RE- Watch the video- 

Draw a picture of your favourite deity from the video and complete the sentences to say who it is, what they look and why they are your favourite deity.  

This is ______.  

They have ____ and ____. 

____ is my favourite deity because ______. 

Hello Year 2 this is an example of one child's work from the English work this morning.  As you can see this person has used capital letters, full stops, beautiful handwriting, common exception words and included 'ed' words for past tense.


Thursday 14th January 2021

Arithmetic-Click on the link to listen to Miss Dawson going through the answers or alternatively see the answers attached below.
















Phonic 3 and 5 sounds

Phase 3-

Phase 6- Today we are continuing to learn and practise more words using the 'ed' suffix.

Read and practise spelling these 'ed' words below.

jumped, cried, stopped, wanted, lived, liked, pulled 

Make up sentences to include these words.

English- See link soon

Maths-Unit 12: Lesson 3 See answers attached below.

Geography- See worksheet attached below.



Friday 15th January 2021

Arithmetic-See questions and answers below. Today all children will complete the same arithmetic quiz.

Spellings-Do your spelling test and let me know how well you did. 


Phase 3-

Phase 6- Irregular Verbs

English-Comprehension-Past KS1 SATs reading paper 1. I want you to only complete the first story in the booklet 'There's an octopus under my bed!'. Read the story and answer the questions that are attached below. Watch the clip to see Miss Dawson going through the answers.

Maths-Unit 12: Lesson 4 and Lesson 5

Science- at the powerpoint below. Have a look at the pictures below 'Living, dead or alive' sheet. Sort the things that are living, dead or alive. Link coming soon.

History- Coming soon Have a go at this quiz after the lesson


Extra links





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