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Being mentally healthy is also having the ability to overcome life’s challenges, having the confidence to make decisions and believe in ourselves.

Everyone has mental health, just like we all have physical health.

Ask for help at home – Your parents love you and want you to be happy.  They could help you or speak to you teacher if you feel you can’t.

Ask you teacher – Don’t be afraid they are there to help you. It will be useful for your teachers to know if you don’t understand something because you may not be the only person in your class. They can then explain it more simply or show you how to do something again.

Talk to your friends – Your friends may be feeling the same and you can help each other.

Talk to someone you trust – Sharing your worries and fears will help you get support to solve them and make them go away. If you really can’t tell someone writing it down is OK.

Exercise – Doing physical things like sport, playing football, dancing or riding a bike can help us to relax and not think about our worries. It can help us to be worry free and escape from thoughts and feelings.

Eat healthily – Sometimes if we have worries we can eat too much or not want to eat at all, so eat healthy.

Sleep well – Sleep is very important. What happens when we sleep? Our bodies need to sleep to keep them working properly. Sometimes worries can keep you awake even if our body wants to sleep. Worries can do this so it is important to talk about them so as you can make them go away.

Take time to relax - Relaxation is another word for being calm it is something you can practice.      Can you think of how you might calm yourself?

Breathing slowly - In through your nose and out through your mouth slowly. As you breathe in feel the calm, cool air filling your body and when you breathe out feel the tense hot air leaving your body. You could do this slowly, up to 5 times.

Choose a special memory - think of a happy time or place when you were having fun. Try to remember all the very small things of that special memory.

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