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Reopening School

Pick up

Posted 13/5/2020 at 1.10pm.

When you confirm that your child will be attending school, we will write to you to confirm their drop off and pick up times.

The school gates will be opened at 2.40pm.  Entry onto the schoolyard will be via the main gate and exit from the yard is via the gate on the MUGA.

KS1 and YR children can be collected from the KS1 school building.  KS2 children can be collected from the KS2 building via the main door at the office.

2m separation markers will be placed on the playground leading up to the KS1 gate and to the main doors to enter school.  Please queue up at the time indicated on your child's confirmation letter at the appropriate gate or door.  If you have more than one child, you will be told which door all the children will be collected from.

You will be invited to enter school.  Staff will already have brought your child to the classroom door with their belongings and you will be able to collect them and leave by either EYFS door (in KS1) or the door to the yard (in KS2).

Often, parents will speak to school and office staff at drop off time.  This will not be possible due to the children entering school. If you wish to speak to any member of staff, please email or phone school to leave a message and a member of staff will phone you back.

Primet Primary School

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