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Personal, Social, Health and Relationship Education

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Using PSHRE as a tool to become emotionally intelligent individuals, pupils will understand their own and others’ needs, equipping with the tools to take responsibilities and lead at a local, national and global level. 

PSHRE recognises the importance of developing the social, emotional, spiritual, physical, moral and cultural education which will lead them to become confident, safer and independent citizens.   

We promote a positive whole school ethos where children feel safe and secure, developing as individuals who are able to make the right choices within and out of school.  

As a cross curricular dimension, PSHRE permeates all aspects of life in school. It is encompassed within the teaching of several subjects, notably Science, RE, PE and a number of the cross- curricular themes. It is an integral part of the whole curriculum, and is also seen as a separate subject. 

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