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Our Learning

Our Learning


The curriculum at Primet Primary school will ensure that all learners leave school as resilient and confident individuals, who lead healthy and happy lives. Our core values of kindness, respect and trust influence the actions and decisions made by the entire school community.  

Through an enriched and bespoke curriculum that utilises the local and wider community, pupils will be ambitious with high aspirations for themselves and others. Pupils appreciate and celebrate the school’s diverse community, demonstrating spiritual, moral and cultural awareness and understanding. They will be well-prepared for the world of work, through the acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary to become fully literate and numerate. Pupils will be active enquirers, who possess the creativity and ability to think critically to solve problems and make connections in an ever-changing world. With a growth mindset, pupils are prepared to take risks. They see mistakes as a learning opportunity and challenge as an enjoyable struggle.  

As emotionally intelligent individuals, pupils will have an understanding of their own and others’ needs, that will equip them to take responsibilities and lead at a local, national and global level. 

Primet Primary School

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