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Ole Pendle, Ole Pendle

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This half term we will be discovering and learning about the Pendle Witches.  As part of our learning, we will understand what life was like for these people and learn about other East Lancashire Legends.

Were the witches just misunderstood?  Through science we shall be looking at how simple chemical reactions may have looked to be magic.

We shall be enriching our learning by taking a trip to Barley to visit the Pendle Sculpture Park.  On our trip, we shall discover which witch is which and develop our sketching skills of the magnificent Pendle Hill.

Please keep checking our page to look at work we have produced and to find out about opportunities to come in and celebrate our learning.

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Our Trip to Pendle Sculpture Trail


On the 25th of September, Year 5 went to Barley to visit the Pendle Sculpture trial.  We had lots of fun although felt we very tired walking up the extremely steep hills.  We visited as part of our topic called Ole Pendle.  We followed the trail looking for plaques that gave clues as to ‘Which Witch was Which?’.

Whilst looking for the plaques, we also saw lots of amazing sculptures including:a green boggart, a forest fairy, Roger Nowell, a unicorn, a Hellhound and a peculiar sculpture that looked like a baby with very long, brown legs.  We also sketched the amazing landscape of Pendle hill which we are going to develop into our own artwork.  We would definitely recommend this trip to everyone.



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