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Our Learning

Monday 22nd February

Monday 22nd February

Morning maths


Email me you score and a picture of your work.





New spellings

Green group



Purple group

L.O – To answer retrieval question

Comprehension questions in the attachments.



Spend 20 minutes minimum reading every day.




LO: To explore multiplication strategies

Watch and complete the tasks to the introduction clip

Watch and complete the tasks of the second clip



LO: To understand how electricity is generated

attachments for lesson Powerpoint and tasks


Belonging to a community  

What makes a community; shared responsibilities  

LO: To understand the meaning and benefits of living in a community  

positive ground rules when discussing PSHRE Topics

: * We will listen to and respect everyone.

* We will keep the conversation in the room. (But be clear on limits of confidentiality.)

* We will use language that won’t upset other people.

* We will use the correct words and if we don’t know them, we’ll ask.

* We will comment on what was said, not the person who said it.

* We won’t use names (share our own, or our friends’, personal experiences).

* We won’t put anyone on the spot.

* We have the right to pass if we don’t want to speak.

Keep fit

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