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Monday 20.4.20

Monday 20th April 2020

MATHS: Complete worksheet 4: written addition and subtraction.  Only complete  10 questions from one of the sections: A, B or C.  The answers are attached below. ( Only check once you have completed your work)

ENGLISH: This week focuses on all things magic!  Read the prologue of the Nowhere Emporium – pages 7-10. The-Nowhere- Emporium-by-Ross- MacKenzie.html

(You will need to become a member of the LoveReading4Kids community. Membership is free). If you struggle with this, I have attached the prolgue below.

Select your ten favourite words/phrases from the prologue and write them down. Then select your overall favourite and explain why you have chosen this. 

‘The Nowhere Emporium is magic.’ Find all the evidence in the text which supports this statement.

Create a poster to advertise/persuade someone to enter the Nowhere Emporium based on what you have read. Think about selecting some of your favourite words/phrases from the first activity to use for your poster. 


TOPIC:   This week, you can complete Easter activities of your choice from the  'Easter Traditions' sheet below.

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