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Monday 18th January

Monday 18th January


Watch the video and complete the calculations.  Please continue the video to mark your work and send me your score out of 10.


Watch the video and complete the pyramid spellings and sentences for the words:









Watch the video and mark the work.  The questions you need to complete are under the video.


Watch the video and complete pages 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the CGP punctuation book.  Make sure that you watch the whole video so you can mark your work.


Watch the video:

Complete the tasks: Draw a person getting ready for a good night’s sleep, answer the questions (Q1. How much sleep do children need each night? Q2. Find 3 things to start doing to help someone get good sleep and write them down Q3. Find 3 things to stop doing that would help someone get good sleep and write them down Q4. What happens during sleep when someone starts puberty? Q5. Why is it important to get good sleep?), write some solutions for the sleep problems on the video and finally go back to your drawing from the start and use a different colour to add in some things they could do to prepare for a good nights sleep.

I have attached a copy of the slides and the sleep information sheets at the bottom of the page.

Send your completed tasks to Miss Richards on

You may want to watch an animation of Beowulf.


Complete Lesson 7- 'Creating Art with Code'. First click on the link and watch the video. Then click on the next circle (following number 1- see below) and work through the following circles to complete the following 9 steps of the lesson. 

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