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Our Learning

Monday 13th July


Focus theme: Water!
(Part 2)

The Water Cycle

Today you are going to be reading and watching various explanations of the water cycle.

Take a look at the webpage below. Watch the clip, read the information and have a go at the little activity at the bottom too.
BBC Bitesize - What is the Water Cycle? bitesize/topics/zkgg87h/articles/z3wpp39

Now read through the information on National Geographic Kids – The Water Cycle:

https://www.natgeokid cycle/

Think about the key words that you have read: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. Write a definition for each word.

Imagine that you are a water droplet. You are going to write a description of what happens to you during the water cycle. Be as creative as you can by adding in some description of how you are feeling at each stage, e.g.

I am a water droplet living in the vast ocean. Here is my journey.
As I was floating around in the sea, I began to feel warm. The warmth of the sun made me relax until suddenly I was drifting upwards out of the sea. I was evaporating! Nervously I looked around but felt reassured when I saw my friends were with me too.

Remember to keep checking your work for spelling and punctuation.

Comprehension/grammar: Pet care of a dog, Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 6

Maths: Symmetry 1 and 2 and Arithmetic test set 4 test 6

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