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Our Learning

Miss Dark's Activities

Check into this page each day to see what Miss Dark would like you to do to keep active and singing.  Email photos of you and your family to Miss Dark completing the activities for her to show on the website.

Hello Primet!

I hope that you are all OK!

I have lots of challenges for you! Are you ready?! 😁


You can email me on:


I would like videos,emails, challenges, funny stuff!

 Who ever you live with try get them to join in with Joe Wicks every morning you can find him here:


There is a new video every day! So get those muscles moving! I bet Kyle from year 6 has already completed them! 😊


I will upload your videos to the school website! We can have a giggle!

I will be asking teachers for their videos too!

Watch out for my friend Mr TT!


From Sam

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