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Happy Self Journal

Happy Self Journal

Whilst we are at home during the Easter break it could be fun to start your own journal. You never know…… one day you could be famous!

You could write your journal like a normal diary if you like, but if you want to you could make it into a comic strip.







You could write about what you have done today, what level you got to on your game, if you made your bed or even what you had for dinner. You could write the top 3 things you did today and set your self a challenge for tomorrow……I will tidy my room!!

I have a few mini challenges for you to do:

1. Find something that makes a crunch sound.

2. Find something that tastes sour.

3. Find something smooth.

4. Find 3 of the same thing, (leaves, pebbles that look the same).

5. Find something that smells bad.

6. Find something that tastes sweet.

7. Find something loud.

8. Find something soft.

9. Find something white.

10. Find something rough.

Remember to take a picture of your collection to put in your diary.








Whilst you are filling in your journal you could also add how you are feeling today…

If you don’t feel great, that’s ok. Sometimes we all find it difficult saying at home all the time. Try writing a list of what could make you feel happier. You could maybe share this with someone and they might be able to help you fix some of them.

Remember all the things you have done for the challenges from last week, you could also include some of those in your journal.

1. What can I hear, see or smell?

2. Things that I am thankful for, make me smile.

3. Design a mindful colouring pattern for you and someone else and do them together.

4. Sit and daydream about your happy place and then draw it.

5. What I did to make someone happy.

You could write or draw all of the things you are good at or like doing.  These are just a few ideas to get you started, I’m sure you have lots of your own. Remember to look after your Grass heads and take photos of your sock bunnies. I’ve called mine Betsy and Bert.                                                                                               

You could send me some pictures or keep hold of your journals and you can bring them into school when we get back, or you can keep it just for yourself.  We could maybe make a “Wimpy Kid” scrapbook with some of your funny stories!

These are my dogs, Bobby, Millie and their baby Archie.
 They make me smile every day.

Please keep in touch and if you need any help just ask.

Good luck

Mrs Riley


Primet Primary School

Tatton Street

Colne, BB8 8JE

01282 864607