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Friday 15th January

Friday 15th January


Watch the video and complete the calculations.  Please continue the video to mark your work and send me your score out of 10.

Spelling Test

Please watch the video and mark your spellings and send me your score.  Good Luck!


The arithmetic test for today can be found as a PDF at the bottom of the page.  You will need 28mins to complete the test.  When you have finished please watch the video and mark your work and send me your score.


The comprehension for today can be found in the CGP book.  The comprehension is titled - 'An astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth' on page 4.  Watch the video and we will read the test together.  Continue watching the video when you have answered the questions and we will mark our work together.  Don't forget to send me a photograph of your work and let me know your score.


Watch the video above. When it asks you to pause and research the Anglo-Saxons- pause the video and use the links below to carry out some research.

Task 1

Research the Anglo-Saxons following the links and make your notes on a mind-map.

Task 2

After reviewing the sources, complete the sentence: The source that told me most about the lives of the Saxons was… because…

Task 3

Add information about what you’ve learned from the sources under the 3 headings- Movement of People, Society and Culture, Achieve and Legacy


Have a look at the powerpoint at the bottom of the page and then take a photo of your work and send it to my email address.

You may want to watch an animation of Beowulf as you draw your illuminated letter.

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