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Free Online Learning Resources

Keep them learning, even when at home! 

With the kids at home, it doesn't take long for the "I'm bored" to leave their mouths. You of course, want them to carry on learning as they stay away from school. What do you do? Sign them up to every free learning resource around - it's a win-win situation. They get the mental stimulation they need, and they keep out of your hair. Or that's the theory anyway! 

Twinkl Go! - YouTube

Twinkl Go! 

Twinkl Go! is a collection of thousands of interactive educational resources which can be accessed and completed on any device, with no apps to install. Perfect for sharing with parents at home or for those still in school. 

This time around once you have registered your email address, you will receive 24 hours of free online learning. So we suggest printing or downloading as much as you can in that time. 

SparkleBox (@sparklebox) | Twitter


Sparkleboxoffer 1000's of free learning resources to browse, download and print for primary aged children. 

Primary Resources - Free teaching resources, lesson plans, teaching ideas &  worksheets for primary and elementary teachers 

Primary Resources is aimed at primary teachers, but is very handy for us parents with children at home. There are free lesson plans, activity ideas and resources available. 

Literacy Trust (@Literacy_Trust) | Twitter

National Literacy Trust 

The National Literacy Trustcovers children from early age right the way through to secondary school age. A great, free way to keep little readers reading. 

Numbots - Pinner Park Primary School


NumBots is a free app to help children learn maths in a fun way. NumBots has been created so that every child using the app can understand, recall and become fluent in mental addition and subtraction. A core skill to learn, that's always great to practice. 

Adaptive learning games for maths and spelling to support home learning.


Provide personalised maths and spelling practice for your kids with Sumdog. Sign up for FREE full access to Sumdog with the closure of schools in the UK. 

Orchard Toys | Fun Learning Toys | Fundamentally Children : Good Play Guide

Orchard Toys 

Orchard Toys are offering free Daily Activity Sheets. They will be shared on social media every morning to help you to plan your day when homeschooling your child. To get activities for preschoolers and school children delivered directly to your inbox the evening before they are shared on social media, click here. 

Jobs and careers with BBC


The BBC provide free, valuable video resources for all school aged children. They even offer hints on how to help your kids to learn in a home environment. 

St Peter's Catholic Primary School - Phonics Play - now free for parents

PhonicsPlay For Children 

All the resources and content on thenPhonicsPlay website has been made free as we are in another lockdown, with the aim to help kids, parents and teachers continue to home school in the best possible manner. 

The content can be accessed with the below credentials: 

Username : jan21 

Password : home 

Free to download! Information booklet explains coronavirus to children,  with illustrations by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler — Winshill  Village Primary & Nursery School

FREE Book To Explain The Coronavius Pandemic To Children 

If your child is struggling with all the changes going on then this download from the award-winning Gruffalo artist Axel Scheffler will help them to understand.  

Coronavirus: A Book for Children is aimed at five to nine-year-olds and hopes to simply answer key questions they may be asking their parents or carers about the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The opening page reads: "There's a new word you might have heard. You might hear people talking about it or you might hear it on the news.  

"This word is the reason that you're not going to school. It is the reason you can't go outside very often or visit your friends ... But what is it and why is everyone talking about it?   "The word is coronavirus." 


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