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English as an Additional Language

Primet Primary School is proud of our diverse community.  Nearly 50% of our school population speak English as an additional language and there are 14 different languages spoken by our pupils in school.

To help our pupils who arrive at our school with little or no spoken English, the children will be buddied up with a member of the class to help them settle.  A diagnostic test will be completed by the end of their first week to see if they would benefit from joining our English Acquisiton Group which is delivered by Miss Dark.  This Group if known as the English Acquisition Group and they meet every morning from 9 till 12 noon. 

Within the sessions the children learn basic greetings and names of objects, begin to be able to read in English by developing their phonetic awareness and count using the English Language.  We follow a bespoke programme of work that utilises aspects of the Race to English programme and Little Wandle phonics scheme.

The curriculum of the English Acquisition Group is enriched by trips to local shops and regular learning outside.

Please find below the policy and scheme of work that is followed by the group.





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