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Emotional Wellbeing

Children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing is currently being discussed a lot in the media.  On average one in eight children and young people aged 5-19 suffers from a diagnosable mental health disorder (Sadler et al., 2018), representing almost four pupils in every classroom. The reason for the rise in children experiencing mental health difficulties is varied although children these days are faced with increased pressure compared to when we were younger.

It is quite common for children to feel anxious, worried or upset at times.  However, sometimes children can struggle to cope and may experience a range of mental health difficulties.

Here at Primet Primary School we aim to maximise children’s learning through promoting good mental health and wellbeing across the school.  Primet Primary School have various interventions and support for children to access in order to promote their emotional wellbeing and build on resilience. 

Please see the links for further information regarding the interventions and support.



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