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Our Learning

Earth Matters

Our Spring topic is based around the modern day problems that face our children today in terms of pollution and looking after our earth. Children will learn how to recycle, why it is important whilst also looking at the resources we use in our everyday lives such as electricity.

History: In History, children will research tournaments around the world from the Olympics to world cups, tennis to athletics.

Science: In Science, children will learn about electricity. They will look at its uses and how it is misused but most importantly how to stay safe. Going off beat for Science week though the children will be squeaky clean as we look at moulding and making soap.

English: In English, children will learn to write a story in which they incorporate action, dialogue and description. They will read and analyse Macbeth and create a different ending.

Art: Children will look at textiles and stiffening seams. Stitching and sewing and creating some fashion designs. With Miss O’Keefe they will look at abstract water paintings.

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