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In order to support your child with Dyslexia, we have written a list of ways that you can use to support your child at home during school closures. If you need any further support or want paper copies of any of the resources below sending out to your address, please e-mail Miss Dawson or Miss Richards. 

To support your child at home, you could:

  • Ensure they login to 'Nessy' for 15 minutes a day for targeted practise of spellings and reading- . E-mail Miss Richards or Miss Dawson if you need any support with logging into or accessing your account. 
  • Complete the 'Listen and Do' activities which are attached at the bottom of the page- these support will help your child to improve their memory
  • Use practical activities to reinforce spelling skills such as playdough, paint bags and chalk.

  • When learning how to spell a word, use colour coding for each part of the word.

  • Create spelling cards for spelling rules to use as flash cards/revision.

  • To develop retrieval skills further, you could play games such as  Taboo, Boggle, Catch Phrase, Crosswords, Charades, Pictionary, Dobble, I’m thinking of… and Headbandz​​​​​​

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