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Reopening School

Dinners in School

Posted 19/6/2020 at 12.00 noon.

Children attending school will eat their lunch in their allocated classroom with their group.  They will be supported over lunchtime by a member of our welfare team.  The same member of welfare staff will always support the same group.  The children will have a chance to play outside with their group once they have finished their lunch but the children will social distance during this time.

Children are welcome to bring in a packed lunch from home.  Alternatively the kitchen staff will be able to prepare a lunch for your child.  Your child will be able to choose a sandwich filling and will have a piece of fruit, a pudding and a drink.  We will also be providing one vegetarian hot meal option per day.  The options will be as follows:

Monday - Vegetarian Brunch with Hash Brown and Beans

Tuesday - Fish Finger Wrap with Potato Wedges and Peas

Wednesday - Pasta in Tomato Sauce with Garlic Bread

Thursday Vegetarian Sausage Roll with New Potatoes and Carrots

Friday - Pizza with Chips and Sweetcorn

School meals will be charged as usual - £2.30 per meal. However YR and Y1 children will be entitled to a free meal under the universal infant school meal scheme and any children on free school meals will not be charged for a school lunch.

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