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Covid Time Capsule activities day 2

Day 2

Hello children,

Thank you for sending me some of the photo's of your great work. I hope you got chance to make a start on yesterdays challenge 'Time Capsule'.👍

Today we are going to do the next bit. This part is good fun. You need to collect somethings, (remember it has to fit in a shoe box!) about 5 or 6 will do. I am going to put in a photo of my dogs, and a drawing of my favorite book. If the things you want to add to your capsule are too big you could draw them or take a photo of them 👨‍👧‍👦. You could fill in the characteristics of me jigsaw and pop that in there too. When you fill in the jigsaw you can write and draw pictures of the ways you have shown the  characteristics on each piece.

Don't forget to keep filling in your 'Happy Self Journal' I can't wait to read what we have all been up to. Remember we are going to put them all together and make our own Primet Big Read Journal.😊

Please keep in touch and if you need any help please ask.

Good luck


Mrs Riley 🌈


Primet Primary School

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Colne, BB8 8JE

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