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Bird Feeders

Hi children,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

It’s springtime!

Being at home over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed and noticed a lot of activity with wildlife that has been going on in my back garden. I have noticed a few different types of birds coming and going looking for food. One bird that I have particularly become acquainted with over the past few weeks is a Pheasant. This very noisy bird wakes Ms Mills up very early every morning with its crow like calls.

This has made me think about a competition that all you children may want to take take part in.

I would like you to make a bird feeder. They are quite simple to make and you can do this with any unwanted household items. An old Ketchup bottle or tin can is a good resource, or maybe an old teacup and saucer. There are lots of different things you could find around your house that you could use.

When you have made your bird feeder, I would like you to take a photo of it, hopefully with the birds feeding from it, and forward it to my email address

I will look forward to seeing your photos and choosing a winner who will be issued with an electronic certificate and a prize when we are safely back in school.

Good luck everybody




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