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Reopening School

Arrangements at school

Posted 13/5/2020 at 11.55am.

Due to the continued requirements for social distancing and to maintain the health and safety of all pupils and staff it is not possible for children attending school to remain in their usual whole class groups.  Classes will be split into groups of no more than 15 children .  The groups will be allocated a classroom of their own ensuring there is space between the children whilst they are in class.  Children will have a table of their own.  They will have a tray under their table to keep all their belongings in and their table will have all the resources they will need in order to be able to access their learning.  Children will not share resources. 

The groups will be supported by specified staff.  The children will not be able to swap group and the staff will only support one group. (As a visual alert to ensure children and staff remain in their group, children and staff will be allocated to a colour group and will have a badge showing that colour. Your child will be issued a replacement label each day – they do not need to bring their colour label back in to school each morning.)  It is not possible for all children to be placed with their class teacher.  It is also not possible for all children to be in their usual classroom. However whatever the arrangements are for your child, they will always be the same.

Groups will be timetabled to have play time outside and will not mix with other groups during that time.  Movement withing school will be timetabled and monitored to ensure that only one group of children is moving within an area in school at any one time.

In addition to playtime, all groups will have the opportunity to have learning time outside.  This may take a variety of forms.  For obvious reasons the children will not be able to participate in team sports but we will do daily workouts, fitness routines or such as yoga with the children.

Cleaning within school will be continuous.  The children will be washing their hands frequently throughout the day.  In addition, all classrooms will have access to hand sanitiser.  Cleaning staff will clean door handles, handrails, sinks and toilet areas throughout the day.  When any group is outside their classroom will be cleaned – all desks, chairs, door handles and sink areas will be cleaned.

Wherever possible, doors and windows will be left open to ensure thorough ventilation throughout school, however exterior doors will remain closed for security reasons and the opening of any interior doors will be reviewed for fire safety, safeguarding and social distancing impact.

Government advice indicates that if social distancing is maintained and hygiene advice is followed, there is no needs for staff and pupils in school to wear PPE (personal protective equipment).  We have arranged a supply of PPE equipment to be used in the event that a child becomes unwell within school and Covid-19 is suspected.  In that case staff supporting caring for your child until they are collected from school will wear appropriate PPE in order to protect themselves and to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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