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Primet Primary School Admissions Policy

The school’s admission number is jointly agreed between the LEA and the Governing Body and this determines the maximum number of pupils that the school will admit in September each year. Parents are asked to express three preferences for a primary school of their choice. The parent also orders their preferences. If Primet Primary School is oversubscribed the following criteria will be applied in priority order:-

  1. Children in public care who are in public care at the time when preferences are expressed and will still be in public care when admitted to the school and those who have been previously looked after.
  2. Children for whom the County Council accepts there are exceptionally strong medical, social or welfare reasons for admissions, which are directly relevant to the school concerned, (ii) (see Section 2B); then
  3. Children with older brothers and sisters (i) who will still be attending the school when the younger child starts; then
  4. The remaining places are allocated according to where children live. Those living nearest to the school by a straight line (radial) measure, from the centre of the home to the centre of the school have priority. (iii)


  1. Brothers and sisters include step children, half brothers and sisters, adopted and foster children who are living with the same family at the same address. (Consideration may be given to applying the sibling rule for full brothers and sisters only who reside at different addresses. This will be entirely at the discretion of the Local Authority and will take information and evidence provided by each applicant into account and will also examine other relevant issues ie location of each sibling’s address and the distances to all relevant schools plus the affects of using discretion on other applicants for a school.)
  2. This may include some non-statemented pupils who have special educational needs. Pupils who have a statement for special needs which names the particular school have priority for admission and are considered under a separate admissions procedure.
  3. When places are being allocated under criterion 4, account is taken of the distances between home and school. The distance is based on a straight line (radial) measure. The measurement will be taken from the centre of the home to the centre of the school. NB If category 1,2 and/or 3 is oversubscribed, category 4 will be used as a “tie-breaker”. The admission criteria for voluntary aided, foundation and free schools and academies are listed under the entry for each school.

The local authority decides our admissions and the local authority can be contacted to find further information on admission agreements.

Admissions Policy September 2016

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