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Covid 19 - Return to school on 8th March 2021

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club will continue to operate from the 8th March.  Please arrange a placement by contacting the school office the day before your child will be attending breakfast club.

Children will be sat at year group tables to ensure there is no mixing between bubbles and resources allocated to each year group. 

Start of School Day 

There will be a one way system in place on the yard.  Parents and guardians will enter via the office gate

and leave via the MUGA gate.

Doors will open from 8.35am for children to enter and doors to close at 8.50am.  Parents need to be aware of social distancing rules on the playground and parents and siblings of pupils who attend high school or college must wear masks.  Staff will be present on doors and in the playground to remind children of where to line up and ensure social distancing as children walk in.  Children will go straight to their classrooms. The following entrances will be used for different year groups to reduce congestion and mixing between bubbles.

Year R – EYFS entrance 

Year 1 and 2 – Ramp entrance 

Years 4 and 5 – Key stage 2 entrance 

Years 3 and 6 – Office entrance 


Packed lunches will be stored in classrooms.  Children will be reminded to wash or sanitise their hands on entry and regularly throughout the day.

Classroom Guidance 

Tables will be arranged where appropriate in rows with children facing the front side by side following government guidelines.

All equipment will be provided in pencil pots between pairs and colour coded to ensure that equipment is not mixed where appropriate following government guidance.  Additional resources used within a class will be quarantined for 48 hours before being used elsewhere within the school. 

Reading books to be collected and quarantined for 3 days before being put back into the library system. 


Children will have their break as a class on separate yards to prevent the mixing of class bubbles.  The yards that they use will be at the staff's discretion.

Years 1, 2 - 10.15 to 10.30

English Acquisition Group (MUGA) – 10.30 till 10.45 

Years 3 and 4- 10.45 till 11.00 

Years 5 and 6 – 11.00 till 11.15 


A Football and small box/ bag of equipment will be provided for each bubble.  A first aid kit bum bag will be taken out so minor injuries can be dealt with quickly on the yard.  In the unlikely event of an injury needing more specific care, the pupil will be taken to the office for first aiders to respond to the injury. 

Doors will be closed and children will go to the toilet with staff members permission.  Staff will check that playgrounds are clear before taking their class out for break. 

Afternoon breaktime – 1.55 till 2.05 (Years 1 and 2 only) 



Hot meal and Packed lunches will be in the hall. 

Tables will be arranged in rows and children sat shoulder to shoulder.  Bubbles will not be mixed on tables and a gap of at least 2m will separate rows.

Children will be supervised by the welfare staff who will adhere to guidelines as set out by the DFE.  Children will sit at table and remain at table. Tables will be wiped down after each sitting.

Support staff who work within a class bubble will have their dinner when their year group are eating and then be ready to supervise their class on yard. 

Year Group Eat Play
EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 11.30 till 12.00 12.00 till 12.30
Year 3 and Year 4 12.00 till 12.30 12.30 till 1.00
Year 5 and Year 6 12.30 till 1.00 1.00 till 1.30

End of school 

Parents need to be aware of social distancing rules on the playground and it is advised for parents and siblings of pupils who attend high school or college to wear masks.  Parents will enter via the main gate and must leave via the MUGA gate.  SLT will be on the yard to direct parents and pupils.




Reception – Children will wait in the EYFS yard.  Parents will line up along the wall and the children will be handed over accordingly. 

Years 1 and 2 – Children will line on dots in the yard.  Parents will come through main gate and wait. Child will be handed over and they will leave via the MUGA gate. 

Children not picked up by 3.10 will be escorted into school and sit in hall within a defined box.   


Year 3 and 6 will leave via the office door and line up on yard outside office.  Year 6 home alone children will leave via the MUGA gate. 

Year 4 and 5 children to leave via key stage 2 entrance and line up on dots.  Year 5 children home alone to leave via the MUGA gate. 

Children left behind to go to hall and wait in defined box. 

Messages from Staff to Parents 

If staff or parents require a lengthy conversation then this will be done over the phone or via email.  Parents are asked to contact the office via telephone, email or text message.

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