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Our Learning

Week Beginning 12.07.21

Welcome to the last 4 days of home learning for the Year 1 bubble closure.

Please remember to send photos of your child's work daily to


Monday 12th July 2021

Arithmetic: See below - Arithmetic Test 12.07.21

Phonics: dge e.g. bridge, fudge etc. 

English: Design a new sandwich to scare those pesky seagulls away from Mr Grinling's lunch. What fillings could you use? Would you use mustard like Mrs Grinling or would you use something like chillies, marmite or slime? I can't wait to see photos of your new sandwich designs. Perhaps you could even make the sandwiches!

Maths: Unit 31 Lesson 2

DT: Make your own lighthouse using kitchen/toilet roll tubes, plastic pots and other bits and bobs you have around the house. Look at the document below from Miss O'Keefe to give you some tips. If you do not have these materials then use anything you have at home e.g. paint, felt tip pens, pencil crayons, stickers etc.

Tuesday 13th July 2021

Arithmetic: See below - Arithmetic Test 13.07.21

Phonics: tch (ch) e.g. match, kitchen etc. 

English: Memories. Write some sentences and draw some pictures about what you have enjoyed the most during Year 1. Here are some pictures to remind you of some of the learning we have done. Use the sheet below if you like.

May be an image of deerWhere the Wild Things Are Hanging From Trees Art Print Poster : Home & Kitchen

Maths: Unit 31 Lesson 3

PE: Dinosaurs and Dragons Yoga


Wednesday 14th July 2021

Arithmetic: See below - Arithmetic Test 14.07.21

Phonics: si and ssi (sh) e.g. mansion, passion etc.

English: Hopes for the future. Write some sentences about what you are looking forward to in Year 2. Use the sheet below if you like.

Maths: Unit 31 Lesson 4

Science: Using the seasons writing sheet that was sent home, write some sentences about changes that happen in each season. Think about the weather, day length clothing, trees and animals. 

Year 1 Science Poster - Seasonal changes | Teaching Resources


Thursday 15th July 2021

Arithmetic: See below - Arithmetic Test 15.07.21

Phonics: ci (sh) e.g. special, musician etc.

English: Read your favourite stories to your family or your teddies. Can you use expression when reading to make it more exciting? Get your grown up to film you and send me the video.

Maths: Unit 31 Lesson 5

See you all back at school tomorrow!

Kreatwow Back to School Banner - Teacher Banner for First Day of School  Decorations Welcome Back to School Party Classroom Decorations : Toys & Games

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