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Our Learning

Wednesday 8th July


Focus theme: Water!
(Part 1)


Read the webpage 3D Geography Rivers below, which includes lots of facts about rivers: https://www.3dgeograp Now explore BBC Bitesize Rivers below. Watch the clips and read the information: articles/z7w8pg8

At the bottom of the webpage is a short quiz for you to have a go at.

Think carefully about the technical words that you have read, e.g. tributary, source, arid, meander. Do you understand their meanings? Use a dictionary to help if you are unsure.

Take a look at this map

Longest Rivers in the World so that you can see where they are. https://www.mapsofwo ten/world-map-longest- rivers.html

Using all the information you have found, write your own quiz to test someone in your house!
Think about the style of questions that you use. You could use a variety, e.g.

- Multiple choice (where you provide a few different answers to choose from)
- True or false questions
- Question and answer

When you have finished, test your quiz out on someone in your family.

Comprehension/grammar: The football association challenge, Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 3

Maths: Ordering angles by size and Arithmetic test 3

Spellings: I have added the last spelling patterns to the bottom of the page.

Remember to check out Miss Dark's page for PE and Miss O'Keefe's page for Art tasks. Children should also continue to access TTRockstars each day and read for 15 minutes. 

Please look after yourselves and we look forward to hearing from you soon,

Mr Haworth.

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