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Wednesday 25.03.20

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope you're all keeping well. I understand that things might be difficult at home so please don't hesitate to ask any questions about any work I set.

I have attached the following activities;

Phonics play- (20mins) Children to work on phases 3 or 4 at the moment. Pick one sound each day for the children to practise. If your child is confident at all phase 3 sounds then start on phase 5 sounds. (I will be sending out individual work for spelling and phonics next week). 



In tomorrows work I've attached some SPAG work. If you could do the 1st page and the answers are on the 2nd page.  


For English I have attached an image for the children to use to create a persuasive poster, advertising the Zepper 2015. For example the children could draw the picture of the Zepper as shown in the picture and write words around the image to describe it such as magnificent, amazing, wonderful, strange etc. You could give them a selection of words like these that I've just suggested and include other words that wouldn't make sense. Then get the children to choose which describing words are the best. 


For Maths I have attached a counting in 5's sheet. Children can use their fingers to help them. In class we use numberlines and concrete materials (counters) to support the children in their counting but understand that this may be difficult at home. We have looked at number patterns when counting in 5's e.g all the ones (units) are either 0 or 5 e.g 10,15,20,25. Reminding the children of this would be great. If they are struggling to do this and couldn't count in 2's yesterday re-do the work from yesterday.

Please email if you need any further guidance. Look forward to hearing how the children get on.

Kind regards,

Miss Dawson



Primet Primary School

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Colne, BB8 8JE

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