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Our Learning

Tuesday 5th Jan


Please complete the arithmetic questions for today:

Now have a look at which ones you got correct:

Email me you score out of 10 and a picture of your work.


Please watch the video about negative numbers.

The numberline below will help you to complete the work which can be found underneath.


Have a look at the picture of the new book that we are studying in class.  What things do you notice about the front cover?  Write down what you can see and your ideas about what it may be about.

Image result for beowulf usborne

Now have a read of the blurb.  What clues do you have can you find about the book.

Image result for beowulf usborne

Have a listen to the first chapter of the book by watching the video:

I would like you to write a prediction about what you think will happen.  Think about these key questions:

What is the evil? 

What will happen? 

What will the evil do? 

Use the sentence scaffolds below to help with your prediction.

The evil is… 

The ….. will …… 

I think that …….. 

The story will end with ….. 

Remember to email all your work to

Topic- History

Watch the video below and complete the task at the end. Find images on google of and draw 3 different settlements- 1 Neolithic, 1 Iron Age and 1 Roman Britain. Compare the different types of settlements by writing 2 sentences about similarities and 2 sentences about differences between the settlements.

Please e-mail your completed drawings and sentences to

Primet Primary School

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Colne, BB8 8JE

01282 864607