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Our Learning

Spring 1 W/c 04.01.21

Hello Year 2,

Welcome to our first week of home learning after the Christmas Holidays. I hope you've all had a brilliant break and are looking forward to learning about lots of new and exciting things. 

Please follow the links to access the work for this week. Additional links to resources and to tutorial videos will be uploaded throughout the week.  Please keep checking back to access additional resources.

When you have completed the work, please take a photo and email it to so that Miss Dawson can mark the work and give feedback.

If you have any questions or need any support regarding the home learning please email Miss Dawson. If you have any queries or need to update school, please either phone school on 01282 864607 or email

Best wishes Miss Dawson and Miss Hugill


Tuesday 5th January 2021

Arithmetic- See attached below for the questions and answers. Also click on the link to see the answers explained

English- Comprehension. Read comprehension attached below and answer the questions. 

Maths- See worksheet and challenge question attached below.

Phonics-Phase 3-Review or/ur/oo

Phase 5-Alternative spellings for ur phoneme.

P.E- Enjoy P.E with Joe Wicks :)


Wednesday 6th January 2021

Arithmetic- The red questions are the more challenging ones. 


English- Year 2 this is our new story that we are going to be reading in English called

'The Kind of space'. What can you see on the front cover? What do you think the book is going to be about? Who do you think will be in the story?

Today I would like you to write some questions about what you want to know and find out about the story using the question starters below.

For example your question might be;

Who is the king?

Why is the boy wearing a crown?

Try to use all these question starters to write different questions. Use the question starters like this....







Maths- Use your Maths booklet or alternatively find the task sheet attached below. (Unit 11 Lesson 2)

Phonics-Phase 3-Review ow, ear, oi

Phase 5-Spelling the 'zh' phoneme as 's'

Practise these spellings










Write sentences to include all of these words. You can use more than one of these words in a sentence.




Thursday 7th January 2021



English- Listen to the story 'The King of Space'

Click on the link below to find out what to do for the English Lesson.


Phonics-Phase 3- Review air/ure/er

PSHRE- Click on the link below for the story.




Friday 8th January 2021



English-Listen to the story of 'The King of Space again'

Listen out for any words you think are really good or some words together (that make a phrase) that also sound good and collect them in your sack(attached worksheet below)

If you don't know the meaning of any words then look them up in a dictionary or on the internet. I have also attached a sheet with some meanings of words from the book to help you. Have a go at putting some of the new words you've collected into sentences related to the story.


Phonics- Phase 3-Longer words

Phase 5 Teach the alternative spelling of the u phoneme as o. Look at the following examples and practise spelling these;






Put these words in your own sentences. E.g My mother always bakes really tasty cakes when I ask her to.








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