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Our Learning

Magnificent magnets and mechanisms

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This half term the children will be scientific based learning about Forces and Magnets and Geography thinking about what it would be like to live in Antarctica.


Writing - We will be writing a short narrative based around 'The Iron Man' including

Short independent writes around Character description and acDiary entry.

We will then move on to 'The building boy' creating an Explanation Text and writing a Short independent task creating a Fact file on a mechanical pet.

Class book – David Walliams  - The worlds worst pets

Reading comprehensions will be focussed around the book - Look inside How things work.

For poetry we will be looking at orld war 2 poetry.

Week 1 - Counting sequences and multiplication facts

Week 2 - Written and Mental Multiplication

Week 3 - Written and Mental division

Week 5 - Shape

Week 6 & 7 - Assess and review week.


For more details on other subjects please have a look at the mid-term plan attached.

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