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Our Learning

Let's Get Healthy

Our Spring term topic is all about getting healthy.  In this science based topic, children will learn how to be healthier through diet and exercise!


In Science, children will learn about the circulatory system, exercise and a healthy diet. They will have the opportunity to reflect on their own diet and fitness regimes and apply changes to their own lifestyles.


In English, children will create a motivating, persuasive speech about a sport they are passionate about.  Children will read and analyse a range of different types of speeches so they are able to create a tool kit of features that they would like to see in their own speeches.


Children will work towards preparing a healthy snack for. In these lessons, children will learn about different foods, learn how to prepare food safely and hygienically and then prepare their own healthy snacks.


Children will develop their artistic skills to create still-life paintings before moving onto developing topic related collages.

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